Deep offshore

Today deep offshore hydrocarbons account for about 30% of the world’s yet-to-be-discovered conventional resources. Thanks to our experience and our continuous innovation policy, we are able to meet the permanent challenges associated with producing hydrocarbons that were once considered inaccessible. Total operates more than 800,000 barrels each day.

Constructing an FPSO requires considerable expertise in managing large projects. Pazflor in Angola.

Deep offshore: technical responses to new challenges

Extremely deep water, challenging types of oil, long-distance transport… while working with deep-sea resources is growing more complex, Total’s experience and continuous innovation ensure its rank as one of the leading operators for deep offshore developments.
La construction d’un FPSO, c’est près de dix millions d’heures de travail pendant deux ans. Clov, en Angola.


Fourth area of deep offshore development for Total on the Block 17 in Angola.
D’ici peu, toutes les opérations de production et de traitement par grande profondeur d’eau seront installées au fond de la mer.


The first all-electric subsea well in the oil industry.