Exploring new oil and gas resources requires an excellent knowledge and understanding of the area. Through our expertise and the many tools developed by our R&D, we are continuing our research in increasingly complex environments, combining a bold approach with optimized estimates of uncertainties and carefully controlled risks.

The keys to high-potential exploration

Our exploration strategy is founded on a careful selection of high-potential prospects with economic profitability criteria considered very early in the process. This approach gives us balanced exposure to risk and optimizes value creation.


Promoting the development of alternative data acquisition techniques


Foothills, a technological challenge : meet Marco António Chávez    
Pangea is a truly cutting-edge industrial tool which  offers our engineers a leading technological advantage when used with new in-house algorithms.


Go inside the new supercomputer at the CSTJF in Pau, France.


From seismic interpretation to reservoir model: get to know Philippe Ruelland  

Data management

Sismage-CIG: a performance booster that improves data management valorization and capitalization


One-of-kind seismic acquisition and optimized design to reveal what lies below the salt.