Florent Bertini



Florent BERTINI, in charge of piloting the “Earth Imaging” R&D program


Florent Bertini is graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs (IFP - MSc. Petroleum Geophysics), and joined Elf Aquitaine company in 1996 as an Exploration Geophysicist in New Ventures Division.


Since 2001, he  was assigned mostly in Total E&P affiliates, where he was successively in charge of Geophysics (reservoir characterization, 4D, complex well geosteering, interpretation) during 4 years in Angola inside Block 17 team (Girassol Development asset), then during 3 years in Norway inside Hild Development asset, mainly on multi-azimuths and wide-azimuths seismic imaging problematic leading to the decision to develop this complex HP field and finally spent 4 years in Indonesia as Chief Geophysicist, in charge of both “Operations” and “Seismic Reservoir Characterisation & Methodology” teams, leading to a reactivation of Geophysics discipline in Mahakam core-business area.


Back in France in summer 2011, he led during 3 years the “Seismic Reservoir Characterisation & Methodology” team for Total E&P in the Field Development Division.


Since summer 2014, he moved into "Upstream Strategy, Business Development & Research» direction in charge of piloting the “Earth Imaging” R&D program, emerged from the recent R&D transformation.



  • Author and co-author of 16 publications (articles in geophysics journals and publications at SEG and EAGE conference)

Earth Imaging

A head start on exploration in complex, high-potential areas


An integrated aerial acquisition system