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Afrique du Sud
from 10/23/2017 to 10/27/2017


Total is the largest integrated oil and gas company in Africa, and has been present there for almost a century. Today, the African continent accounts for more than a quarter of our global production. As a major event for the energy sector, the Africa Oil Week is an essential showcase for our activities and developments in the region, particularly in liquefied natural gas and in deep offshore. Moho Nord is the perfect example: coming on stream in March 2017, this deep offshore project, the largest oil project ever carried out in the Republic of Congo, doubles our production in the country and strengthens our leading position in Africa.


Our participation in Africa Oil Week also demonstrates our regional ambitions, as we want to contribute to the sustainable energy future of Africa. We engage in ambitious exploration campaigns and develop giant projects such as Egina in Nigeria and Kaombo in Angola. We have accelerated our expansion in East Africa, particularly with our Tilenga project in Uganda. We also maintain our efforts to redevelop mature fields, leveraging our expertise and research to maximize their potential. Finally, we have various initiatives to improve energy efficiency: promotion of new energies, cessation of flaring at our facilities, etc. Not to mention the upstream and downstream development of the gas chain, which is the key energy for rapid action against climate change.


AOW 2017




  • Total's booth at AOW 2017
  • Total's booth at AOW 2017
  • Total's booth at AOW 2017
  • Total's booth at AOW 2017


Guy Maurice

Senior Vice President E&P, Africa, Total

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  • Session 3: IOC’S in Africa: navigating the future of upstream
  • Presentation: Growing Portfolio Activities in Africa
  • 10/24/2017
  • 02:00 pm


Jean-Michel Lavergne

Senior Vice President E&P, Strategy Business Development - R&D, Total

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  • Corporate lunch (by invitation only)
  • Presentation: Strategy in Africa
  • 10/25/2017
  • 01:00 pm