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Extracting, transporting and processing liquefied natural gas demands extensive know-how. As a pioneer of the LNG industry, we pursue an integrated approach that spans from exploration to gas marketing, including production, liquefaction, transport, trading and regasification. Total is present at every step of the natural gas value chain and is now the No. 2 player in this segment.

In a highly competitive environment, our teams invent more economical, more efficient solutions for producing and transporting liquefied natural gas. These innovations bring new gas resources within reach while lowering the energy consumption and shrinking the environmental footprint of our operations. Our goal: to raise the share of natural gas in our production mix to more than 60% by 2035.

Liquefied natural gas - Ichthys, Australia - Exploration Production - Total

LNG - Energy with a future

Our staff work to identify increasingly effective, economical production and transportation solutions. As LNG becomes a key energy source, Total, which has been active in this business for over 50 years, remains at the forefront with its undisputed expertise.
Early construction works of Mozambique LNG terminal - Exploration & Production - Total

Mozambique LNG, Mozambique

Total is deploying the best of our human and technical expertise to implement this project and thus contribute to the economic development of Mozambique

Offshore LNG transfer simulation - Exploration Production - Total

Managing Offshore Ship-to-Ship LNG Transfers

For a continuous LNG production and its transfer to tankers under all metocean conditions

Overview of the Bladin Point LNG plant , Ichthys project, Australia - Exploration & Production - Total

Ichthys LNG, Australia

Total is in partnership with an exceptional LNG project off the northwestern coast of Australia

Yamal LNG, Russia

Total's commissioning standards in the most extreme circumstances in the Russian Arctic

View of the site from the top of the gas tank - Yamal liquefied natural gas production station - Exploration Production - Total

A LNG Factory in Russia's Far North Region

Yamal LNG (1/3) - Unprecedented logistics

Piles, dug twenty meters in permafrost, on which the plant will be built - Yamal liquefied natural gas production station - Exploration Production - Total

Engineering to Build on Frozen Ground

Yamal LNG (2/3) - Unusual technical solutions adapted to permafrost-type soils

Christophe de Margerie liquefied gas tanker in Sabetta - Russia - Exploration Production - Total

A Next-Generation Ice-Breaking LNG Carrier

Yamal LNG (3/3) - ARC7 tankers can now access the Northern Sea route year-round

180 000 m3 LNG gas tanker SK Audace in South Korea - Exploration Production - Total

Adapt Process Architecture to Cut Costs

Develop architectures that will help curb the costs of developing our future liquefaction plants

Loading of liquefied natural gas in the 'Al Gattara' LNG tanker on the Qatar jetty - Exploration Production - Total

Deploy an Assertive Strategy in Gas

A worldwide presence and an integrated way throughout the LNG chain help reducing costs

HySWEET, solvents - Liquefied natural gas - Exploration Production - Total


A process removing the sour gas and sulfur compounds at the same time during natural gas treatment

NKP and NKF2 overview, Nkossa deepwater field - Congo - Exploration Production - Total

Gravity Platforms

Gravity platforms, also known as Gravity Based Structures (GBS), offer interesting potential for the development of nearshore LNG projects