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With 500,000 tons of modules, four 160,000-cubic-meter storage tanks, an export terminal that has two loading docks, cryogenic pipelines with diameters of up to 1.2 meters, and massive rotating machinery, Yamal LNG was a colossal project to build. Faced with such complexity during the commissioning phase, our dedicated teams applied an extremely rigorous methodology that enabled production to start up less than one year later.

The numerous objectives of the commissioning phase include ensuring equipment safety, handing over to operations teams on schedule, optimizing the project’s efficiency and profitability, and maintaining written records of each stage in the process. To achieve all of these objectives, Total adopts an overarching approach that enables us to take into account any interaction with, or impact on, other aspects of the project. All of the inspection and control procedures required for each operating component are defined in the overall methodology, ensuring the best possible conditions for a safe, secure and on-schedule start-up.

Four commissioning areas were defined for the Yamal LNG project — the condensate pre-processing and storage facilities, the LNG trains (utilities and offsites), the LNG tanks, and the main power generation units. In Phase 1 alone, construction and pre-commissioning teams filled out some 800,000 forms and commissioning teams, around 100,000. In all, 1,400 subsystems were tested and 2,400 scenarios controlled, requiring commissioning and start-up to be carried out as simultaneous operations (SIMOPS).

Yamal, Russie

Our commissioning standards in extreme circumstances: the superlative project in the Yamal peninsula



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