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Long untapped, unconventional oil and gas offer immense potential — at least as much as the total conventional oil reserves extracted since the start of the oil industry. But there are major technical, financial, environmental and social challenges to overcome to unlock these resources.

Thanks to extensive, long-standing experience on flagship projects, for example in South America, we’re currently staking our claim with regard to a variety of assets, with one objective: to develop them on a large scale so that we can position ourselves as a major player in unconventional resources. Such a strategy is based on state-of-the-art expertise, an active R&D program and a sustainable, responsible strategy for developing these resources.

Black shale - Unconventional - Exploration Production - Total

Become an industry leader in the future

Already proficient in a variety of industrial production techniques for unconventional resources, we’re now expanding our presence in the international market by continuing to develop as an operator.
High pressure compressors on Fort Worth fracking site, Texas, USA - Exploration & Production - Total

The SWAM Pilot

A new method for acquisition and monitoring in unconventional assets

Sulige gas treatment plant, China - Exploration & Production - Total

LedaFlow® / Reveal® Coupled Model

An unprecedented solution to optimize the productivity of the field's tight gas reservoirs

Sulige, China - Unconventional Resources - Exploration Production - Total

Sulige, China

Deploying an array of high-performance drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies to maximize well productivity

Las Caeceles area, near the Aguada Pichana field, Neuquén Basin, Patagonia - Exploration Production - Total

Vaca Muerta, Argentina

A development in line with our ambitions for one of the biggest unconventional finds in Argentina

Lips (Laser Induced Pyrolysis System)

A geochemical tool to analyze the organic carbon content and distribution of sediments