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Bérénice Bougard

Best Innovators


Bérénice Bougard, process engineer for the Deepwater product line


Bérénice Bougard earned her degree from École nationale supérieure des mines in Nancy (ENSMN) in 2008 and honed her knowledge of the oil and gas industry at the Saint Petersburg Mining University in Russia.

She began working at Total E&P Russia in 2008, where she was responsible for optimizing flow management for spare parts. She then entered the track focusing on oil and gas facilities. She managed the interfaces for subsea packages, first for the CLOV project in Paris and then in Kongsberg, Norway. In 2011 she moved to the United Arab Emirates, where she worked as a production and coordination engineer at the Tabk site for two years.


Bolstered by this operational experience, Bérénice Bougard joined Block 17 in Angola. She was able to suggest multiple new projects for the development plan, in spite of the extensive operations that had already been conducted in the area. Upon her return to Paris, she continued to work in development, this time for the Deepwater product line as a process engineer.


In every position, she has always relied on cross-disciplinary work, dialog and experience sharing in order to succeed.



In addition to her professional accomplishments, Bérénice has always believed in promoting sharing and dialog through cross-disciplinary initiatives:

  • She implemented and configured the interface tool for the CLOV project (e-room) that makes it possible for outside companies from all over the world to collaborate on a single project.
  • She launched the Cursus IP community in 2011 on the BlueKiwi platform (the forerunner of WAT). This community aims to help the members of the oil and gas facilities track find solutions and share information.
  • In 2014 she took part in the launch of the Early Bird program and helped implement it in Angola.

Best Innovators

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