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Bernard Bénazet



Bernard Benazet, Expert in Operation Geology

Bernard Bénazet joined the TOTAL group in 1991 when he dedicates to the Operation Geology starting with 5 years in rotational basis on rigs in most of the subsidiaries, mainly on Exploration wells. From 1997 he is  in charge of Head of Operation entities on bigger and bigger Affiliates (Cameroon, Gabon, Netherlands) and responsible of Subsurface Entity covering Operation geology, Petrophysics and well testing in Angola from 2004 to 2008. 

The periods of expatriation are interrupted by 3 years in HQ from 2001 to 2004 when he is the technical and contractual entry point for the subsidiaries for data acquisition purpose in the wells.

He returns of his periods in expatriation at the end of 2007 to create and organize an entity focusing on the Pore Pressure Prediction at the well scale.

From 2011 to May, 2015, he is nominated as Corporate Operation geology representative in HQ ensuring the responsibility of the specialty for the group.

Since mid-2015 he is recognized as Operation Geology Expert.


The Challenges Involved in Predicting Pore Pressure