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Christophe Amadeï

Unconventional Resources


Christophe Amadeï - Director Unconventionals

Christophe heads up the Unconventionals Division of the Operations Development and Support Department, a part of Total Exploration & Production. This division, established in September 2014, supports Exploration & Production subsidiaries as they develop unconventional resources and providing support for operations.

After earning a degree from ENSAM (École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers) in 1988 and a post-graduate degree (DESS) from IAE Pau-Bayonne (Institut d’Administration des Entreprises), Christophe began his professional career in the public utilities sector in France and Gabon. In 1991, he joined Total Exploration & Production as a Drilling & Wells Engineer in France, then in Great Britain. He held various technical management positions in Drilling & Wells métier in Congo and Nigeria. In 2007 he was appointed director of Operations in Argentina, and in 2010 he joined Total Exploration & Production Angola as Block 17 Asset Director.

Since January 1, 2017, Unconventionals has been one of the five product lines recently put in place by Exploration & Production, alongside Deep Water & Subsea, Offshore Conventional, Onshore Conventional and LNG.

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  • Christophe was responsible for launching the “R&D for the Tight Gas Reservoir” project from 2005 to 2007, a project that resulted in several experiments (the micro-seismic pilot project, multi-fractured horizontal wells, WTLog and more).


Innovation collaborations

  • In 2008, Christophe was awarded an innovation and communication prize for a patent he co-developed with Emmanuel Derbez for Total covering the drilling of “electrical” micro-drains in compact reservoirs.
  • In 2016, he has chaired the jury for the Best Innovators Competition, whose goal is to shine a light on the innovative solutions developed in-house by Exploration & Production employees.

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