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Christophe Candelier

Best Innovators

Christophe Candelier - Exploration Production - Total

Christophe Candelier, Flow Assurance – Multiphase flow specialist (Deepwater & Subsea product line)

Christophe received an Engineer’s degree in Offshore from ESIM (Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Marseille) and also a Master’s degree in mathematical and numerical modeling of turbulence from ESM2 (Ecole Supérieure de Mathématique de Marseille) in 2004, which he completed with a petroleum engineer’s degree in DEG (Développement et Exploitation des Gisements) from the ENSPM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Pétroles et Moteurs) in 2005.

After a first experience in subsea field development and installation for Saipem, Christophe joined Total in 2012 as Flow Assurance – Multiphase flow specialist. He participated to several R&D projects and field development studies (from prospect to pre-project) and provided support to projects in Design and Operations phases and support to various E&P affiliates. Involved in internal teaching, Christophe contributes in sharing the Flow Assurance vision and in developing the Flow Assurance discipline.  

Christophe also teaches at the IFP School. His course is covering the deepwater architectures (SURF, SPS, Etc.) & deepwater challenges, Flow Assurance (multiphase flow and fluid chemistry aspects) and subsea processing facilities.



  • HORIZON – Fundamental R&D program for OLGA development
  • LEDAFLOW – Fundamental R&D program for LEDAFLOW development
  • LIFT – LEDAFLOW Improvement Program with site data
  • Flow Assurance support to R&D studies – Long tie back development
  • Deepwater technological Roadmap – Project leader – Live operations in Flow Assurance window issues



  • Hydrates risk assessment on deepwater fields following long unplanned shutdowns
    MCEDD 2018 – Marine, Construction & Engineering Deepwater Development, 2018
    C. Candelier, T. Saint-Pierre, Total E&P
  • New Approach of Design Against Hydrates - Best Innovator 2018 - Finalist
    C. Candelier, T. Saint-Pierre, J. Bernard, J. Soubiran, P. Glenat, Total E&P
  • Subsea pipeline electrical heat trace (EHT) – Active heating – Application for a deepwater brown field development
    OMC 2015 – 12th Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition, 2015
    C. Candelier, S. Durica, F. Beys, Total E&P 
  • Comparisons between engineering software predictions and West of Africa deepwater field data including thermal performances
    BHRG, 17th International Conference on Multiphase Flow Technologies, 2015
    C. Candelier, F. Papot, Total E&P
  • How Mastering Flow Assurance Software Can Help the Industry Take Up the Challenges of Marginal and Remote Field Developments and Unlock Reserves?
    International Petroleum Technology Conference 2014, Doha, Qatar
    C. Candelier, F. Papot, A. Musi, D. Larrey, Total E&P
  • Subsea Tie-ins – Best Innovator 2014 - Finalist
    C. Candelier, F. Beys, M.L Cauquy, F. Roche, D. Mutombo, Total E&P

Best Innovators

Offshore Innovation to Prevent Hydrate Formation