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Christophe Urbanczyk

Best Innovators

Christophe Urbanczyk - Exploration Production - Total

Christophe Urbanczyk, well construction project manager

Christophe graduated from the École Supérieure de Chimie Marseille,  joined Elf Aquitaine in 1992 in Drilling Fluid Engineering team based in Pau (France). He has then be assigned from 1996 to several affiliates with different operational positions: Drilling Fluid Engineer (Angola), Drilling Method Engineer (Bruneï) and Well Performance Engineer/Manager (Congo, Indonesia and UK).

He returned to headquarters in Pau, France, in 2012, taking a position of Drilling & Wells engineer in both ‘Deeply Buried Reservoirs’ and ‘Maîtrise des Gaz Résiduels’ Research & Development growth programs then from 2014 taking the lead of Wells Construction and Plug & Abandonment project in the R&D Wells program.