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Clémentine Gelber

Best Innovators

Clémentine Gelber - Exploration Production - Total

Clémentine Gelber, manager of the Environmental Impact Laboratory

Clémentine earned her degrees in chemical engineering and hydraulics from the ENSIACET and ENSEEIHT engineering schools of Toulouse.

After working seven years in the industrialization of processes and in production for the fine chemistry and pharmaceutical departments of the SNPE group, she joined the Refining branch of the Total group in 2007 to work on processes in water treatment, utilities and energy on the Donges site. In 2012, she went on to work for the HSE Métier, in the management of contaminated soils and waste from the Normandy Refinery, before taking over the management of Environmental Operations on the Normandy Platform in 2013. She joined the R&D entity in 2016, working in the PERL’s Environmental department (in Lacq) where she later took on the leadership of the Environmental Impact Laboratory.

As part of the cross-functional HSE program, she is leading R&D actions in the fields of ecotoxicology, ecology, hydrobiology and biodiversity with the aim of anticipating regulatory changes and developing innovating tools that will help Group activities improve the management of their environmental footprint.

She more particularly manages the Pilot Rivers platform that is conducting studies on aquatic mesocosms. Clémentine Gelber represents the Total Group in the Concawe STF-32 Task Force.


Best Innovators

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