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Daniel Byrd

Deep Offshore

Daniel Byrd - Exploration Production - Total

Daniel Byrd - Subsea & Deepwater Manager

Having obtained his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada) in 2002, he moved to Houston, Texas, to work for offshore pipelay contractors, where he began his career working in the oil sector.

After six years in offshore pipelay in various roles (field engineer, project engineer, estimating manager) throughout the world (Nigeria, Malaysia, Israel), he refocused on deepwater installations and subsea technologies, working as a consultant for independent Oil & Gas operators exclusively in the Gulf of Mexico.

Upon joining Total in 2012 through TEC/SBS, Daniel was seconded to R&D, responsible for the Asset Integrity Project as well as the SURF volet within the Deep Offshore Development project. Within the Asset Integrity project he devotes considerable efforts towards the advancement of subsea robotics, which include the development of an AUV for pipeline inspection

Daniel was then seconded to TUCN in 2016, wherein apart from managing the OIMR vessel activities and ECP’s subsea well tie-ins for both AKPO and Egina, he oversaw ECP’s execution of the “AKPO Flex Joint Repairs” and “Gas Export Line ITA Hydrate Remediation” mini-projects.

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Before joining Total, Daniel played key roles in several deepwater developments in the Gulf of Mexico, including:

  • Deep Gulf Energy Kathleen Subsea Field Development; Project Manager for a single well tied in subsea to an existing PLET and tied back to East Cameron 381-A fixed platform with an existing flowline and hydro-electric umbilical (2,821-ft water depth).

As a field / project engineer for EPC contractors, Daniel has been involved with several offshore construction projects, including:

  • BP Thunderhorse project; worked offshore and on-site in the fabrication yard in Fourchon, LA for jumper fabrication, load-out and installation;
  • CNL (Chevron Nigeria Limited) 2002/2003 and 2003/2004 Flowlines Campaign; field engineer for the pipelay and platform installations;
  • MSE (Malaysia Shipyard and Engineering) North Lukut & Penara Development; field engineer for the pipelay and platform installation including two caisson installations, four pipelines and 2 PLEM installations;
  • IEC (Israeli Electric Corporation); field engineer for the onshore and offshore installation of two 30-inch pipelines (95km combined length), one 12-inch lateral line, four shore tie-in’s (HDD), two offshore tie-in’s.

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