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Daniel Plathey



Daniel Plathey, Total E&P Research and Development Director


Daniel Plathey is a graduate of Mines ParisTech. In 1982, he joined Total’s Drilling Department at the group’s head offices in Paris. After various assignments overseas, notably with Total E&P Indonesia and Total Oil Marine in the UK, he supervised drilling operations in Thailand for Bongkot gas field exploration and development. He later headed the Development Architecture and Planning Department.

In 2005, he served as technical advisor for the VP Far-East Geographical Division, notably for Total subsidiaries based in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Brunei, and Australia. In 2008, he was named Technologies Vice President for the Exploration & Production branch. He managed the Technology Division and supervised some 250 surface technology experts. Daniel Plathey then became E&P Research and Development Vice President in 2014.



  • Plathey steered research on the subsea high-boost multiphase pump systems introduced to the Girassol field in late 2015. A world first, the system facilitates increases in pressure and measuring fluids with a large volumetric fraction of residual gas.
  • He also oversaw plans to update and patent a surfactant formula with high-salinity tolerance for carbonate reservoirs in the Middle East.



  • Plathey prioritises long-term win-win partnerships with high potential, as evidenced by his exclusive research collaborations with ONERA in aerospace remote sensing, with the BRGM in geoscience, and with the ESPCI (École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles) in Paris on the physical chemistry of complex interfaces, among others.
  • Plathey is a member of the Experts Accreditation Panel for E&P experts.

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