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Danielle Morel



Danielle Morel, Enhanced Oil Recovery expert


Danielle Morel has a doctorate in engineering and is a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des ingénieurs en arts chimiques et technologiques (ENSIACET). She wrote her thesis in thermodynamics on the modeling of gas condensate at the IFPEN (IFP Énergies nouvelles) at Paris VI University.


After ten years at the IFPEN as a research engineer, Danielle joined Total in 1991, working with the Laboratory of Miscible and Compositional Processes. In 1996, she joined the Reservoir Evaluation and Management division, where she became a specialist in modeling gas injection. In terms of research, Danielle was responsible for the subsurface aspect of the major project on acid gas reinjection and carbon sequestration in 2000.


In 2003, E&P asked her to rebuild an EOR team (Enhanced Oil Recovery: improved hydrocarbon recovery). In 2010, Danielle became Total’s EOR expert, working with subsidiaries, as well as with R&D and Management.




  • Danielle set up and monitored the Dalia Polymer project in full between 2003 and 2012.
  • In close cooperation with SCR/RD and particularly the Physical Chemistry & Analysis department, a surfactant polymer formulation in a hot, saline environment was developed on carbonates and successfully injected into the one spot pilot ABK.
  • She has contributed to and conducted many EOR studies, of which some including SWTT measurements of residual saturation fields (Cameroon, Indonesia, UAE).



Miscellaneous partnerships

  • Many partnerships in the form of JIPs (Joint Industry-Funded projects) with other majors (JIP Chemical EOR Austin, JIP Conformance Polywell, JIP Low Salinity Heriot Watt) or one-to-one partnerships (Deepol SNF), etc.
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the EAGE IOR Symposium since 2001.




  • Danielle Morel has published around thirty publications (primarily SPE) and many keynote papers.
  • She was also SPE Distinguished Lecturer (Society of Petroleum Engineers) in 2011-2012.



Chemical EOR: an Ever-Growing Field of Application