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Delphine Pélisson

Best Innovators


Delphine Pélisson, Innovation & Transformation Catalyst


Delphine Pélisson studied at the IFP School and earned a Research Master's degree in Geology of carbonate reservoirs. She joined the Total group in 2009 and held different positions in the Exploration & Production branch: wellsite geologist, petrophysicist, prospect geologist in North Africa and later in unconventional resources in Europe. In 2014, Delphine was appointed senior strategy analyst for Exploration. She is responsible for bringing new intelligence solutions to the disciplines based on data sciences, and developing innovative assessment methods to benchmark competitors. Delphine spearheaded the Competitors Cruncher project designed to publish corporate profiles and regional benchmarks for the needs of E&P employees at headquarters and in affiliates involved in asset divestment and acquisition. Since 2017, Delphine Pélisson holds the position of innovation & transformation catalyst in the Group's project and business Booster, a department under the Chief Digital Officer tasked with accelerating digital transformation and innovation. Within the Booster, Delphine is in charge of a program to improve collective effectiveness. Its objective is to stimulate and assist entities and disciplines in their transformation efforts, in line with the Group's new ambition, and accelerate the identification of synergies between disciplines and branches as part of the One Total initiative.