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Dendy Surya Fajar

Best Innovators


Dendy Surya Fajar, team leader Reservoir Operation and Monitoring of Peciko Field


After obtaining a master from the Institut Teknologi of Bandung (ITB) in 2010, Dendy Surya Fajar joined Total E&P Indonesia where he began his career in the petroleum industry. After several years, during which he worked as a specialist in various fields (Cased Hole Log specialist, Fluid and Geochemistry, Reservoir Operation and Monitoring), he took charge of Bekapai Upper and Lower Fluid Synthesis and South Mahakam Fluid Synthesis projects.


In Total Indonesia, Dendy is currently team leader Reservoir Operation and Monitoring of Peciko Field since 2015. His activities include optimising offshore well intervention plan and operation, data acquisition management, monitoring wells behaviour and increasing its performances.



Dendy Surya Fajar is the co-author of some publications:

  • Fajar, D.S.; Rushatmanto, M.; Muhazir, Y.; Sianturi, J.; Supriady. Thermodynamic Evolution of Bekapai Fluid: A Case Study for Oil with Gas Influx. GeoSEA XIV & 45th IAGI Convention 2016.
  • Rau, I.T.; Herawati, S.; Rully, M.; Fajar, D.S. Peciko Field Well Intervention Planning Optimization: An Integration of Reservoir Assessment to Field Level. 40th IPA Annual Convention & Exhibition 2016.

Best Innovators

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