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Eric Cauquil

Best Innovators


Eric Cauquil, Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage R&D Program, Integrated Risk Management project

Eric is an expert in offshore site investigation and geohazard assessment who holds a PhD in Earth Science from the University of Paris VI. He started his career with the Compagnie Générale de Géophysique, where he was in charge of the preliminary processing of 3D seismic survey data on board acquisition vessels. He went on to join the Ifremer center in Brest, where he worked on developing new very high-resolution seismic sources and on modelling gravity flows in the deep offshore.

Eric was hired by Total in 1996 to work in the Technology division. Since then, he has been focusing on understanding the sedimentation processes that present geological risks for oil facilities, and on improving methods to investigate and analyze the processes that can affect exploration and production. In 2011, he was recognized as an "offshore site investigation and geohazard expert" for the Group. In 2017, Eric was appointed manager for the TEC entity of the DW&SS (Deepwater & Subsea) product line. Since July 2018, he joined Exploration Production Research & Development department in Pau and is in charge of Integrated Risk Management in the Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage unit.



  • Eric  is active in the expert groups who write the OGP and ISO standards, among other things.
  • This has led him to propose and supervise R&D actions in collaboration with national and international oceanographic research institutes.

Best Innovators

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