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from 06/11/2018 to 06/14/2018

The 80th annual conference and exhibition of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) takes place from June 11th to June 14th, 2018, in Copenhagen, Denmark. EAGE invites geoscientists and engineers to address industry challenges and explore opportunities presented by the energy transition with innovative techniques that help to develop operational efficiency and implement economic projects. More than 1.000 technical and oral presentations from more than 350 companies, institutes and governments present the latest developments in geophysics reservoir and petroleum engineering.

This event is an excellent opportunity to put forth Total's recent acquisition of Maersk Oil. The integration of Maersk Oil increases Total's resources by around 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent. As for production, it will increase by 160.000 boe/d from 2018 and gradually ramp-up to 200.000 boe/d by the early 2020s. With the start-up of the Group's projects and Maersk Oil production, Total should increase its production by an average of 5% per year until 2022.

Maersk acquisition reinforces Total’s leading position in the United Kingdom (Culzean, 49.99%, operator), Norway (Johan Sverdrup, 8.44%), Denmark (31.2% ownership of the Danish Underground Consortium producing assets), the US Gulf of Mexico (Jack, 25%), Algeria, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Angola and Brazil. As such, Total is now the second-largest operator in the North Sea with an output of 500,000 boe/d by 2020.

  • Aerial view on ICS 3 drilling rig - Incahuasi project - Bolivia - Exploration Production - Total
    Overview on ICS 3 Drilling Rig - Incahuasi Project - Bolivia
  • Geometer during our Seismic Survey in Uganda - Exploration Production - Total
    Geometer during Our Seismic Survey in Uganda
  • METIS (Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System)
    Metis (Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System)
  • Overview on High Pressure / High Temperature (HPHT) Gas Condensate Field - Culzean Project - United Kingdom
    Overview on High Pressure / High Temperature (HPHT) Gas Condensate Field - Culzean Project - United Kingdom
  • Overview on Technical & Scientific Center Jean Feger - Pau, France
    Overview on Technical & Scientific Center Jean Feger - Pau, France


Michael Borrell
Vice President North Sea & Russia


Kevin McLachlan
Vice President Exploration Production


Martin Rune Pedersen
Vice President Norway, Denmark & the Netherlands


Isabelle Billat
Vice President Europe & Central Asia