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Through both our historical (rifts and grabens, large deltas, foothills) and our emerging targets (pre-salt carbonate formations, abrupt margins, unconventional plays) Total has presence in all  of today’s main geological contexts. Our exploration strategy aims to balance our exposure to risk and maximize our value creation. To contribute to our reserve replacement, we have set our sights on discovering more than 400 million barrels of oil equivalent per year.

From prospecting for promising new acreage to managing our exploration wells, our exploration strategy is based on tightly integrated and leading-edge expertise in the geosciences, reservoir engineering and drilling, supported by reservoir management experts and economists who take part in analyzing the economic value of every project.

The keys to high-potential exploration

Our exploration strategy is founded on a careful selection of high-potential prospects with economic profitability criteria considered very early in the process. This approach gives us balanced exposure to risk and optimizes value creation.


One-of-kind seismic acquisition and optimized design to reveal what lies below the salt

Geometer during our Seismic Survey in Uganda - Exploration Production - Total

Seismic Survey in Uganda

Use of cableless technology

Réservoir de gaz sous un diapir de sel - Projet Culzean - Danemark - Exploration Production - Total

Culzean: our Project in the North Sea

Finding deep reservoirs under a salt diapir

The High Performance Computing or Pangea high performance supercomputer is the high-performance computing system of the Scientific and Technical Center of Pau. It has been upgraded this year to save time and precision in basement modeling and simulation of reservoir behavior - Exploration Production - Total

Pangea III

First industrial supercomputer and 11th most powerful computer in the world, Pangea III multiplies the Group's computing power by 5

Condensing gas field treatment plant - Incahuasi, Bolivia - Exploration Production - Total

Incahuasi, Bolivia

Foothills, a technological challenge in Bolivia: meet Marco António Chávez




Predicting Pore Pressure

Predicting fluid pressure in reservoir formations represents a major challenge

Tep Alternative Subsurface Data - Exploration Production - Total


Promoting the development of alternative data acquisition techniques

Reservoir modelization and satellite images wall at CSTJF in Pau

Basin Mastering

Our strategy is based on the study of key petroleum basins to ensure a strong and well-balanced exploration portfolio


From seismic interpretation to reservoir model


Data Management

Sismage-CIG: a performance booster that improves data management valorization and capitalization

Geophysical Interpretation

Sismage-CIG: unique-to-the-world solutions that soften boundaries between geophysics and geology and reservoir engineering

Geological Modeling

Sismage-CIG: advanced tools to show and be aware of complex 3D objects

Integration Up to Reservoir Simulation

Sismage-CIG: increased reliability of workflows modeling

Sismage CIG, Management of Uncertainties - Exploration Production - Total

Optimized Management of Uncertainties

Sismage-CIG: uncertainties evaluation now integrated