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Reservoir management concerns all the studies relating to our resources and fields. Its aim is allow us to develop them and bring them on stream in an optimal manner, from the time they are discovered until they are abandoned. Reservoir management teams combine their ability to integrate a variety of complex data with first rate technical expertise to maximize the productivity of our wells.

Our goal is to optimize hydrocarbon recovery while reducing the costs and the amount of time required. Thanks to integrated methods that offer the flexibility and adaptability needed for any situation, our teams can deal with environmental and economic challenges as well as the uncertainties of well operation. They also have the benefit of advances and innovations that come out of our state-of-the art R&D projects.  

Reservoir engineering, a determining stage of Exploration & Production

Involved throughout the life of a hydrocarbon field, our Reservoir engineers guarantee the optimization of predictive and operational decisions. Their mission: to aim for the best ratios between volumes produced on the one hand, costs and delays on the other
Vaucluse lake - Exploration Production - Total

The Albion Project

Our R&D fluid flows project in the heart of the Vaucluse region, in partnership with the French National Centre for Scientific Research

EOR laboratory & polymer loops - Exploration Production - Total

EOR Processes

Enhanced Oil Recovery simulations: a major challenge, our expertise

Polymer Loops at EOR Lab - Exploration Production - Total

Chemical EOR

PERL’s expertise in physical chemistry processes is a crucial asset for Total

Lacq Plant - Exploration Production - Total

CO2 Storage

Coming up with solutions to ensure the complete safety of operation of large-scale projects

Integrated Asset Modeling, Optimizing Performance - Reservoir - Exploration Production - Total

Integrated Asset Modeling

Decompartmentalize our various areas of expertise to optimizing performance

Yadana field, 4D Seismic Campaign on the Nadia Polarcus - Exploration Production - Total

4D Seismic

Leverage this monitoring technique to optimize our field developments

4D Seismic Tools - Exploration Production - Total

4D Seismic

Our proprietary tools, innovative solutions unmatched in the industry