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Fabien Farge

Best Innovators


Dr. Fabien Farge, Offshore coordinator physician for TEP Angola


Fabien Farge is an emergency physician, trained in various specialties such as emergency medical assistance (Faculty of Bobigny, Paris), aeronautical and spatial medicine (Paris Descartes University) and catastrophe medicine (Paris Descartes Sorbonne University). He earned additional university degrees in emergency medicine in marine environments and in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (University of Marseille), in tropical diseases (IMTSSA le Pharo, Marseille) and sanitary repatriation (Bobigny, Paris).


He also completed several English-speaking emergency medical programs and was trained in medical sonography in Nîmes. In 2008 and 2011, he was trained in remote medicine by the French Southern and Antarctic Lands services, a program open to four doctors per year (anesthesia, surgery, dentistry, biology and radiology). Fabien Farge practiced medicine in several regions of the world, such as the Medico-social Center of the French Embassy in Benin or on the island of Saint Barthélémy (French West Indies). He also worked for 16 years as a seasonal hospital practitioner for emergency medical facilities (mobile emergency and intensive care units). Fabien Farge joined Total in 2013 as offshore coordinator physician for TEP Angola's Blocks 17 and 32.



  • 2015: MOB Board, a device to recover an injured person at sea (Patrick Baudry Award, Honorary President of the Best Innovators)
  • 2016: HELPER, the first HSE solution using an autonomous drone (first prize at the European Lepine Competition, Innovator of the year award at BIZNEXT, National Assembly Medal awarded by the Landes department representative).
  • 2017: HELPER: Graine de Boss winner, Honorary President's award at the Best Innovators (Géraldine LE MEUR award, Honorary President of the Best Innovators).


Best Innovators

HELPER: an Autonomous Drone Dedicated to Safety at Sea