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Florent Bertini


Florent Bertini - Exploration Production - Total

Florent Bertini, in charge of piloting the “Earth Imaging” R&D program

Florent graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs (IFP - MSc. Petroleum Geophysics), and joined Elf Aquitaine company in 1996 as an Exploration Geophysicist in New Ventures Division.

Since 2001, he  was assigned mostly in Total Exploration Production affiliates, where he was successively in charge of Geophysics (reservoir characterization, 4D, complex well geosteering, interpretation) during 4 years in Angola inside Block 17 team (Girassol Development asset), then during 3 years in Norway inside Hild Development asset, mainly on multi-azimuths and wide-azimuths seismic imaging problematic leading to the decision to develop this complex HP field and finally spent 4 years in Indonesia as Chief Geophysicist, in charge of both “Operations” and “Seismic Reservoir Characterisation & Methodology” teams, leading to a reactivation of Geophysics discipline in Mahakam core-business area.

Back in France in summer 2011, he led during 3 years the “Seismic Reservoir Characterisation & Methodology” team for Total Exploration Production in the Field Development Division.

Since summer 2014, he moved into "Upstream Strategy, Business Development & Research» direction in charge of piloting the “Earth Imaging” R&D program, emerged from the recent R&D transformation.

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  • Author and co-author of 16 publications (articles in geophysics journals and publications at SEG and EAGE conference)

Research & Development

Earth Imaging: a Head Start on Exploration in Complex Areas

Research & Development

Metis: an Integrated Aerial Acquisition System