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Frédéric Hannon



Frédéric Hannon, naval architect and petroleum engineer


His experience in LNG began 25 years ago with Gaz Transport (now GTT), which was then a subsidiary of Total. He was head of R&D and LNG Carrier Project Manager. Since 1998, he was seconded several times to Group projects in Asia and the US before joining the Paris head office in 2008. His extensive experience both as a test engineer and project manager, along with his varied course through E&P and Gas, led to his involvement in the beginnings of large industrial complexes. He operated a fleet of gas tankers, participated in the design of marine infrastructures for LNG terminals, audited other terminal projects and proposed innovative shipping solutions. He recently worked on the design of the ice-breaker gas tanker for the Yamal LNG project and on the development of the port at Sabetta, in Siberia. He won the E&P prize for innovation in 2014.




  • Frédéric is a member of PIANC (World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure), SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers), ISOPE (International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers) and SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators).
  • He is on several OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) working groups.




  • He also participated in several   presentations at international gas conferences (GASTECH, LNG, World Gas Congress...).
  • He published various expertise articles (ATMA, LNG Industry ...).

Liquefied Natural Gas

Yamal: Design an LNG Ice-Breaker Ship