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Gérard Massonnat



Gérard Massonnat - Reservoir Geology & Geomodeling Expert

After receiving a PhD in Hydrogeology, Gérard Massonnat joined the Group in 1981 as Reservoir Geologist. He worked between 1986 and 1990 as Reservoir Engineer for our Gabonese affiliate.

Back to our Scientific and Technical Centre (CSTJF), located in Pau (Southwest France), in 1990, he was in charge of Reservoir Integrated Studies, before his appointment as Head of Reservoir Characterization Studies in 1993. As Expert in Field Geology, he was named Head of Carbonates R&D projects in 1996. Between 2000 and 2003, he worked on Wells & Operations Geology. In 2003, he was named Expert in Geological Characterization of Reservoirs, and in 2010 Expert in Reservoir Geology & Geomodeling.

Pioneer for the Reservoir Geology Discipline, he has invented many new geomodeling paradigms, such as parametric space, random walk, forward modeling in aerial conditions or meshfree modeling. He also has  developed various Upscaling Tools, both at Well and Reservoir scales.

Research & Development

Carbonate reservoirs: the Albion project