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Gilles Bourdarot




Gilles Bourdarot, Manager Enhanced Oil Recovery research project

Gilles Bourdarot is a reservoir engineer and graduate of the École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles de la ville de Paris. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in the theoretical physics of fluids.

He joined Elf as an EOR research engineer in 1979, managing the EOR laboratory and setting up the Chateaurenard microemulsion injection pilot. He pursued a career as a reservoir engineer, first as a specialist in interpreting well tests, and later in a variety of management postings, heading up the following in succession: the Reservoir Department in the Congo; the Departments of Deferred Log Interpretation in Pau; the Fluids Department, after the merger with Total; the Well Characterisation and Operation Department; Reservoir Research Programmes. A five-year secondment to ADMA-OPCO in Abu Dhabi followed, first as technological plan manager and subsequently as vice-president of the Subsurface Technical Center.

Gilles Bourdarot has managed the Enhanced Oil Recovery research project in EP’s research department since 2014.



Gilles Bourdarot is the author of Essais de puits: Méthodes d’interprétation (Well Testing: Methods of Interpretation) (Éditions Technip, 1996) and many other publications, including:

  • SPE 184569 International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry, Montgomery, Texas, USA, 2017.  Dong, P.; Puerto, M.; Ma, K.; Mateen, K.; Ren, G.; Bourdarot, G.; Morel, D.; Bourrel, M.; Biswal, S.L.; Hirasaki, G.J. Low-Interfacial-Tension Foaming System for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Highly Heterogeneous/Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs.
  • SPE-182902-MS ADIPEC, 2016. Ma, K.; Mateen, K.; Ren, G.; Morel, D.; Bourdarot, G. Modelling Foam Flow at Achievable Reservoir Flow Rates Using the Population-Balance Approach and Implications for Experimental Design.
  • SPE 148323. Bourdarot, G.; ADMA-OPCO, Ghedan, S. the Petroleum Institute. Modified EOR Screening Criteria as Applied to a Group of Offshore Carbonate Oil Reservoirs.
  • SPE 12685. Bourdarot, G., Sardin, M.; Putz, A. Chateaurenard Field Test Recovery Mecanisms and Interpretation.