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Guillaume Smagghe



Guillaume Smagghe, Petroleum System Analyst for Total


Guillaume Smagghe is an exploration geologist, who graduated from the University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille and the IFP School. After five years of work in the oil & gas industry, he joined the Total group in 2006 where he gained experience in R&D project management with the “Deeply Buried Reservoirs” project.


He went on to develop his skills as an exploration geologist in Indonesia, in Nigeria and later in Malaysia, working on frontier themes in exploration campaigns (Ultra HPHT in the Malay Basin and Sarawak’s deep offshore). In 2015, he joined the Petroleum Basin Evaluation department at Total headquarters and became the representative for Petroleum Systems at Pau, working on several integrated studies for the Africa Hub, more particularly for Angola (Ultra-deep Offshore, Kwanza), studying complex themes, such as the timing of hydrocarbon and CO2 installation


  • Various collaborations

Since 2016, Guillaume Smagghe has been in charge of the level-2 training course on “Pressures, Seals and Traps”.


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