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Humberto Rodriguez



Humberto Rodriguez, Metallurgical Engineer, Total E&P Angola

In 1995, Humberto Rodriguez graduated from National Polytechnic Institute of Barquisimeto in Venezuela. His first job was as a corrosion engineer at national petrochemical company PEQUIVEN. In 2000, he transferred to the SINCOR Upgrader, where he stayed until 2006. He then moved to Canada, where he was appointed QA/QC Lead for Primary Upgrading at the Horizon Oil Sands project in Alberta. His responsibilities included quality control, more specifically related to construction of the primary upgrading area.

After joining Total in 2008, Humberto was named Block 17 Topsides Inspection Service Manager in Angola, where he managed inspection activities for the Dalia, Girassol and Pazflor FPSOs,  including their marine classification certification. From 2012 to 2015, Humberto was Inspection Department Manager at Total Austral in Argentina, in charge of all assets in Tierra del Fuego and Neuquén Province.

In 2016, Humberto returned to Angola and is now Block 17 Inspection Department Manager. His main responsibilities are inspection and corrosion activities related to controlling the mechanical integrity of topsides and subsea equipment on four FPSOs. He also is in charge of optimizing subsea inspection by introducing new technologies (inspection class ROVs or AUVs) to ensure integrity and significantly reduce operating expense.

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