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Technological innovations for tomorrow's oil & gas industry

Best Innovators is Exploration & Production’s in-house innovation competition. It’s been around for more than 20 years and recognizes employees, regardless of field, who have developed innovative projects. Every entry is reviewed based on a variety of criteria, including its innovative nature, technical contribution, simplicity, whether it can be reproduced elsewhere and cost culture.

So Best Innovators throws an annual spotlight on our innovativeness while striving to inspire others to follow suit. We want our employees to identify with the winners and innovate themselves.

A perfect illustration of our pioneer spirit

Treating “new ideas” with the importance they deserve. Making our future projects viable, acceptable and cost-effective. For the 2018 edition of the Best Innovators, we meet with Emmanuel Thomazo to share his insights on innovation.
Ultra-Fast PcRI - Best Innovators 2018 - Exploration Production - Total

Ultra-Fast PcRI

Speeding up the reservoir evaluation process with a disruptive solution that can deliver capillary pressure curves and electrical log data for a complete drainage-imbibition cycle simultaneously

Group of clams Corbicula fluminea equipped with HFNI Valvometry electrodes for exposure experiments at Lacq pilot streams (France, freshwater) - Exploration Production - Total

Valvometry with Bivalve Mollusks

A disruptive technology, called high-frequency, non-invasive valvometric biomonitoring, which has been tested for more than a year under real-world industrial conditions

Glider deployment - Exploration Production - Total


Cutting costs and HSE risks with a subsea glider equipped with special sensors detects natural hydrocarbon seepage in the water column

Cement-sheath integrity - Best Innovators 2018 - Exploration Production - Total

Cement Sheath Integrity

A pioneering approach assessing well integrity and simulating the mechanical behavior of cement sheathes, to ensure safety during all types of operations

Akpo Flex Joint Repairs, Underwater Repair of Flexible Joint Couplings - Exploration Production - Total

Flex and Flange Joint Repairs

Innovative underwater repairs of joint and flange potential failures without production losses or any harm to the marine environment

New approach of design against hydrates - Nadah - Best Innovators 2018 - Exploration Production - Total


Innovative offshore architectures to prevent hydrates from forming so that fluids can flow smoothly from reservoirs to surface treatment units

Projet Genius - Best Innovators 2018 - Exploration Production - Total


Digital technologies play a key role in reducing production costs and enhancing safety by enabling remote monitoring, thanks to the recent development of smart rooms

Ensemble History Matching (EnHM) - Best Innovators 2018 - Exploration Production - Total

Ensemble History Matching

Producing better field-history matching and more reliable predictions, while reducing the research time required

IQ-All - Best Innovators 2018 - Exploration Production - Total


A web platform monitoring equipment to get more relevant and efficient data about yields, in order to continuously improve our facilities’ reliability

Grif-Petro - Best Innovators 2018 - Exploration Production - Total


A unique method for modeling complex and dynamic multi-flow systems to shorten time-to-decision as much as possible

Best Innovators Awards - Exploration Production - Total

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The 10 Exploration & Production innovations rewarded in 2017

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The 10 Exploration & Production innovations rewarded in 2016