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Fostering innovation for our Oil & Gas Operations

Best Innovators is Exploration & Production’s in-house innovation competition. It’s been around for more than 20 years and recognizes employees, regardless of field, who have developed innovative projects. Every entry is reviewed based on a variety of criteria, including its innovative nature, technical contribution, simplicity, whether it can be reproduced elsewhere and cost culture.

So Best Innovators throws an annual spotlight on our innovativeness while striving to inspire others to follow suit. We want our employees to identify with the winners and innovate themselves.

Changing the face of industry through innovation and digital transformation

Cutting costs and enhancing productivity, by combining teamwork with unique technological know-how without compromising personnel safety. We take a closer look at these challenges with Kevin McLachlan, Senior Vice President Exploration at Exploration & Production.
Deepwater drilling rigs - Exploration Production - Total

Achieving the Impossible in South Africa

Succeeding in drilling Brulpadda exploration well with new operating solutions to face the extreme weather conditions and push back the industry’s technical limits

3D Printing experimentation on PLA (Polyactic acid) - Exploration Production - Total

3D Printing

Operating equipment can now benefit from additive manufacturing and the process of creating a physical object by joining succesive layers of material under a computer controlled program

Seismic data on the Polarcus Nadia measurement room - Exploration Production - Total

Wavelet Packet Compression (WPC)

Improving seismic data processing performance by our Pangea HPC with the optimization of read and write speed for input and output data

Onshore Drilling Rig - Fort Worth, Texas, USA - Exploration Production - Total

Well Test Log

A simple, innovative method to monetize unconventional fields at a lower cost, offering an effective response to the economic viability issues involved in developing this type of resource

VSD Atex platform - Exploration Production - Total


A mobile control module making it possible to convert oil platform installations to use an electric submersible pump (ESP) system instead of gas lift for production

Welder on the Girassol platform - Exploration Production - Total

Cold Hull Repair on FPSOs

Ensuring ships integrity in a minimum amount of time, safely and without interrupting production, with an innovative cold repair technique

Cables on the Tungsten Explorer - Moho Nord - Exploration Production - Total


An approach based on pooling and optimizing resources to expand the use of standardized architecture for deep offshore wells

HPC supercalculator - Pau CSTJF - Exploration Production - Total

Robots Speeding Up Accounting Process

Software robots carrying out repetitive tasks that require little or no complex decision-making, to speed up the accounting close process

Internal inspection on a heat exchanger technical plateau - Exploration Production - Total

Air Skate

A skid system based on virtually frictionless air film technology making it possible to move easily industrial equipment weighing several dozen tons

Operator working on a platform under construction - Exploration Production - Total

The Jacket Crawler Robot

Developing a remote-controlled robot, which can climb along the jacket, for offshore platform inspection, maintenance and modifications

Best Innovators Awards - Exploration Production - Total

Best Innovators 2018

The 10 Exploration & Production innovations rewarded in 2018

Best Innovators Awards - Exploration Production - Total

Best Innovators 2017

The 10 Exploration & Production innovations rewarded in 2017