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Early Bird Petroleum Engineering is a collaborative platform open to all sites in the Total Exploration & Production (E&P) branch. It allows our experts and technicians to share their knowledge and experience to better tackle the challenges set by petroleum engineering.

Bérénice Bougard

Best Innovators

Dendy Surya Fajar

Best Innovators

Nwakaji Nwakaji

Best Innovators

Raed Ellouz

Best Innovators

Weekly videoconferences to develop a transverse petroleum engineering culture - Best Innovators 2016 - Exploration Production - Total

Early Bird is a collaborative learning initiative that aims to encourage knowledge sharing and develop a generalist culture in the field of petroleum engineering in E&P. First launched in May 2014, the initiative has so far seen 90 sessions and 4,500 participants (two thirds of whom were from E&P subsidiaries).

In essence, Early Bird consists of weekly video conferences, held in English, open to all E&P technicians around the world. Over a dozen sites (including FPSOs) take part. Events are easy to register for, thanks to automatic Outlook invites, and sessions usually take place in the morning (08:15-09:00 French time) in order to minimize disruption to the working day. The format is a 35-minute presentation by a technician, who delivers a clear and specific message, followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Sessions are recorded and can be replayed on a knowledge management platform.

Cross-Fertilization and Knowledge Management

This new form of interaction means experts in the E&P branch can expand their knowledge in the various subject areas under discussion, be it sub-surface, wells, pipe flow, fluid treatment, architecture, development, or production optimization. There are four types of session:

  • Review of the basics;
  • Operational feedback;
  • Innovations for value creation;
  • Introduction to other fields.


Besides the ease with which events can be organized and attended, Early Bird also:

  • Fosters a collaborative culture of sharing to better meet today’s technological challenges (deepwater, extreme cold, unconventionals, EOR, reservoirs that are more depleted/mature/complex, etc.);
  • Collectively optimizes the value of our projects and helps them to grow thanks to a cross-fertilization of ideas;
  • Enables everyone to know who is a specialist within their field and thus expand their network;
  • Encourages employees to mix regardless of age, experience, subsidiary or business line;
  • Strengthens relationships between subsidiaries and isolated sites;
  • Makes the most of this exchange with a library available online.


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