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Our teams designed and developed a unique platform to manage external data, dedicated to tracking and benchmarking our exploration competitors. Our innovative digital solution manages the growing wealth of published data, while vetting it for relevance and consistency.

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Competitors Cruncher: Using AI to Advance Our Strategy

Vital to corporate strategy planning, decision-making and management, competitive intelligence gathers, analyzes and summarizes publicly available information from the media, external publications and industry conferences. It deals with a constantly growing stream of structured and unstructured, often redundant, information, which people and traditional data processing tools cannot sort through.

Using the Resources of Artificial Intelligence

That's what spurred us to develop an application, the Competitors Cruncher, to manage, analyze, compare, confirm, standardize and summarize disparately sourced intelligence information automatically.

Our machine learning solution does more than just automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks for teams. It consists of two parts: 

  • A competitors knowledge base that compiles information — discoveries, acreage awards, divestments and acquisitions, etc. — about the exploration activities of oil and gas companies.
  • An analytics platform combining business intelligence software and a geographic information system (GIS) developed in-house. 

The data are selected, enriched and structured automatically using innovative digital technologies, such as semantic analysis and machine learning. At the same time, the visuals generated can be consulted directly via a web platform called XploBoard. Whether you're looking for a company profile or performing regional benchmarking, this simplified access to information makes it easier to manage our strategy proactively.

  • Automated summary of company information
  • Regional close-up

Continually Boosting Efficiency Via Digital Tech

The Competitors Cruncher has many benefits, including a richer, better quality database and automated, more reliable reporting. An innovation in the oil industry, the application exemplifies Total's ongoing digital transformation. It totally changes the way we work and gives us a real competitive edge in analytics. That's why it's been made available to other areas and professions at Total, such as R&D and Marketing.

We also plan to expand the application's features still further, to achieve three goals:

  • Add new internal and external sources of data.
  • Enhance user experience (continued deployment, natural language user interface and bots).
  • Use artificial intelligence to reinforce the system’s ability to understand and process data (detailed tracking of a company's equity interests, search for key partners).

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