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R&D programs to shape the future of Oil & Gas industry

In order to identify in advance the disruptive technologies of the future, we have organized and developed seven Research & Development programs. Focused around themes that are of strategical importance for the Group's competitiveness, these programs are deployed across our regional centers of R&D excellence, including the Centre Technique et Scientifique Jean-Féger (CSTJF) in Pau, France, and Total Research Center Qatar (TRC-Q).

New means of geophysical acquisition, the processing of data to obtain subsoil images that are as realistic as possible, the enhancement of reservoir modeling and simulation tools and the development of improved recovery technologies are an integral part of everyday life of our 300 researchers to develop even more advanced knowledge in the Oil & Gas industry.

Collaborator handling a flask, Technical Center for Asia Pacific. Mumbai, India - Exploration Production - Total

R&D - The driving force behind Total’s competitiveness

Our R&D strategy is based on anticipation, the selectivity of research projects, partnerships with the most prominent actors and rapid implementation of operational pilots.

Deep Offshore & Next-Generation Facilities

Developing innovative architectures and technologies to secure the profitability of fields located far from shore and overcome the challenges of ultra-deep offshore

Gas Solutions & Sustainable Development

Providing innovative, economical solutions for notably tackling climate challenges, safeguarding the environment and addressing stakeholder concerns

Frontier Exploration

Mobilizing the very best of our geology expertise to redraw the map of oil & gas exploration potential and secure the world's future energy supply

Earth Imaging

Disruptive and high performance technologies to generate surface and subsurface models of potentially high-value but hard-to-access areas, more quickly and more economically than ever before

Field Reservoir

A program to improve understanding of reservoirs, unlocking reserves not yet considered profitable and increasing recovery to the very limits of feasibility

Unconventionals - Research & Development Program - Exploration Production - Total


Better understanding source rock, fluid migration and hydraulic fracturing to evaluate petroleum systems more accurately and optimize production economics


New techniques to maximize safety and operational efficiency at every stage in the life of our wells from drilling through abandonment