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R&D Centers at the heart of innovation in the oil & gas industry

Our R&D technological advances address the objective of curbing exploration and production costs, the stakes of climate change and the increasingly high expectations regarding industrial safety and environmental protection.

Located in Doha (Qatar), Houston (USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Aberdeen (United Kingdom) Stavanger (Norway) and Southwestern France, our research centers are established in close proximity to the regional competency hubs of the Oil & Gas industry. With near 9,000 m² of laboratories and test sites equipped with cutting-edge technologies, their works are carried out in synergy with the nerve center of R&D for Exploration-Production branch in Lacq (France): the PERL.

Scientific and Technical Center Jean Féger - Exploration-Production - Total

Our Research Center in Pau (France)

Located in Pau, the CSTJF (Scientific and Technical Center Jean Féger) is the heart of Exploration & Production's Research & Development. Everyday, nearly 2,900 men and women work on major innovations to shape tomorrow's world in the Oil & Gas industry.
View over Doha's skyline in Qatar - Exploration Production - Total

Our Research Center in Doha (Qatar)

Located in Doha, in the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), the Total Research Center – Qatar (TCR-Q) opened its doors in 2009. The R&D activities conducted here focus on four areas of regional interest, one of them being the CO2 value chain for the Petrochemicals sector.
R&D Center in Lacq (PERL) - Exploration & Production - Total

Our Research Center in Lacq (France)

Located in Southwestern France, Lacq's Research Center (PERL) was created to support the challenges linked to the discovery of the Lacq gas field. Themes of major importance for the Group are the core of its activity, such as promoting gas as a transitional energy, fighting climate change and preserving the environment