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Producing more economically and more responsibly is now a priority for Total. For this reason, we are pursuing an ambitious innovation strategy, as reflected in our high level of investment in Research & Development (R&D). Our goal is twofold: to fuel our ambition of becoming the responsible energy major, and to stay on the cusp of emerging technological breakthroughs so we are can seize development opportunities created by a changing energy mix.

Our seven R&D programs are geared to topics strategic for our competitiveness and organized such that they can identify tomorrow’s technological disruptions as soon as they start to happen. Our 300 researchers based in specialized regional centers of R&D excellence established near the competency hubs of the Oil & Gas industry are backed by partnerships with prominent players in academia, research institutes and industry to gain access to leading edge knowledge.

Collaborator handling a flask, Technical Center for Asia Pacific. Mumbai, India - Exploration Production - Total

R&D - The driving force behind Total’s competitiveness

Our R&D strategy is based on anticipation, the selectivity of research projects, partnerships with the most prominent actors and rapid implementation of operational pilots.
Aurora borealis - Northern Lights - CCUS - Exploration-Production - Total

Our CCUS Project: "Northern Lights"

In response to the climate emergency, Total has made the development of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) one of its strategic priorities

Seismic Acquisition Campaign in the desert of United Arab Emirates - Exploration & Production - Total

Metis in the United Arab Emirates

Thousands of new generation wireless sensors will be deployed by drone flight to get Metis first seismic acquisition

Metis in Papua New Guinea

An integrated geophysical acquisition system for quality, real-time imaging of complex, hard-to-access onshore areas

View over Doha's skyline in Qatar - Exploration Production - Total

Our Research Center in Qatar

The R&D activities of our Total Research Center - Qatar (TRC-Q) focus on four areas of regional interest, one of them being the CO2 value chain for the petrochemicals sector

Acid stimulation - Research & Development - Exploration-Production - Total

Acid Stimulation

Toward a proprietary model for carbonate reservoirs

Metal piece, engine expertise. Transmissions and engines research lab, Gonfreville TRTG

60 Years of Innovation

World firsts, technology breakthroughs, vanguard processes and pilot developments: delve into decades of innovation at Total

Drakensberg moutain chain, South Africa - Exploration & Production - Total

The Orogen Project

A guide to finding new oil basins in mountain ranges

Taurob robot - Exploration Production - Total

Ground Robots

A key component in future architectures operated without a continuous human presence

Vaucluse lake - Exploration Production - Total

The Albion Project

Our R&D fluid flows project in the heart of the Vaucluse region, in partnership with the French National Centre for Scientific Research

TADI - Research & Development - Exploration Production - Total


Developing a smart tool that provides safety diagnostics and remote decision support, all in real time, will help us to protect people and property


Prospective Labs

Anticipating tomorrow’s disruptive innovations



A drone to measure greenhouse gas emissions in real time

Shells Biomonitoring - Research & Development - Exploration Production - Total

Biomonitoring Through Valvometry

Monitor water quality with mollusks


Argos Challenge & Open Innovation

Developing the first autonomous surface robot for oil & gas sites

A Water Processing Fitted to Chemical EOR

A new step forward with the TRESEOR project