Jean-Christophe Navarre



Jean-Christophe Navarre, geologist, Director of Exploration Excellence department


Jean-Christophe Navarre began his career in 1995 as a sedimentologist in the sedimentary geology department. After moving to Houston to work on exploration projects in the Gulf of Mexico, he joined the Deposits Development department. He was then head geologist in our E&P subsidiaries in the UK and Nigeria. In 2011, he took charge of the Exploration Sedimentary and Structural Interpretation department and became head of the Exploration Excellence department in 2015. His task is to promote technical excellence in exploration assessments, by ensuring that methods and processes are applied consistently across the regional divisions. Jean-Christophe Navarre is also tasked with strengthening regional knowledge of petroleum basins and emerging issues, as a support to each regional exploration division.




  • Updating evaluation methodologies of exploration resources and prospect risks with a view to improving decision making and ensuring sound and consistent evaluations across the regions.




  • Heavily involved in organising EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers) Paris 2017.




  • Several publications on the subject of the sedimentary geology of turbidite deposits (First Break, Leading Edge and AAPG papers).



The Keys for High-Potential Exploration