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Jean-Michel Aubert

Oil Facilities

Jean-Michel Aubert - Exploration Production - Total

Jean-Michel Aubert - Senior Material, Welding, NDT Specialist

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering (ENSAM ParisTech) and Welding Engineering (ESSA), Jean-Michel began his career in 1991 at the French Welding Institute. He held various technical and management positions in Inspection & Control.

Jean-Michel joined Total Exploration & Production in 2003, where he has been in charge of support to projects and production and General Specifications dealing with Material, Welding, NDT of Structural Fabrications (jackets, topsides, FPSOs, Mooring, ...). Fellow of the Corporate Technical Committee regarding Material Welding NDT, he is also chairman of various R&D programs on the above subjects (Arctic Materials, Offshore mooring components, Gammagraphy Substitution, Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue, ...).

Jean-Michel is a member of the Permanent Scientific Committee of the French NDT organization (COFREND), a personnel certification body for non-destructive tests (NDT), operating in particular in the industrial sector Manufacturing and Maintenance.

He is also the owner of the patent “Detection of Un-Flooded Members Using loss of Ultrasonic Energy”.

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