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Laurent Cazes



Laurent Cazes

A graduate of Toulouse and Lille universities, with Master’s of Science degrees in ecotoxicology and environmental and industrial biotoxicology, Laurent Cazes joined Total E&P in 2001. He started in Pau, as a toxicology and environmental engineer studying the environmental risks and impacts of operating offshore platforms.

From 2011 to 2015, he worked on environmental and community engagement issues at two Total affiliates, first in Angola and then in Uganda.

Returning to France in 2015, he joined the R&D team to manage environmental and corporate social responsibility issues. His focus is on preventing pollution and managing environmental risks and impacts, especially involving the air, which is what AUSEA addresses.

Another part of his job is to develop tools, resources and methods to present science-based arguments that serve as credible talking points in discussions about the acceptability of Total’s activities.

Research & Development

Ausea: a Drone to Measure Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Best Innovators

Efficient Biomonitoring with Bivalve Mollusks