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Marc Fourneraut


Marc Fourneraut - Innovation Manager - LNG product line

Marc holds a degree from the French engineering school, Ecole National des Ponts et Chaussées. He joined Total’s refining activity in 1986. After an internship as an operator on the La Mède site, he was assigned to the Normandy refinery, where he worked as deputy to the field operations manager of the western zone, then as maintenance manager of the site’s atmospheric section. He was transferred to Dunkirk in 1993, where he supervised a major turnaround, among other things.

In 1996, he joined Total E&P Indonesia, where he managed New Works and pipeline network inspection. Three years later, he took charge of maintenance and inspection in Myanmar. In 2001, Marc Fourneraut was appointed head of surface support services in Gabon, a job that required combined competencies in process/operation, inspection and laboratory activities, instrumentation, electricity and mechanics.

After 2004, as a petroleum engineer at headquarters then in the United Arab Emirates, he contributed to development studies for gas projects in Abu Dhabi. In 2010, he was assigned to the Advanced Techniques entity. In charge of the gas research program, he worked on the R&D and industrialization or qualification of innovative concepts.

In 2014, he took on the management of the Innovation entity, and since 2017, Marc Fourneraut has been heading innovation for the LNG product line.


Liquefied Natural Gas

Adapt Process Architecture to Cut Costs