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Marianne Cuif Sjöstrand



Marianne Cuif Sjöstrand, Numerical Analyst-Computer Scientist

Marianne holds an International Research Masters in numerical simulations of turbulent flows from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and a Masters in thermal dynamics and heat transfer from Institut de Mécanique des Fluides in Toulouse, France. She also has an engineering degree with an energy major from IMT Mines Albi-Carmaux in France. Marianne completed her doctorate in fluid mechanics and numerical calculation in 2012, writing her thesis on DNS analysis of a cubic meso-scale combustion chamber.

She joined Total in 2014 as a high-performance computing (HPC) developer in Information Systems for Business's ACV/ACS Department. Marianne worked on seismic acquisition and technological innovation R&D projects for three and a half years, notably in the areas of seismic modeling and data compression. She led the CARBON project to industrialize a collaborative platform for developing scientific codes. Since 2018, she has been working on computing code performance and user data analysis for reservoir métier R&D.

She is the author of several publications and patents and has participated in numerous scientific conferences.



- "No-slip Wall Boundary Condition in the Incompressible Limit," Computer & Fluids, Marianne Cuif Sjöstrand, Yves D'Angelo.

- "DNS analysis of a cubic meso-scale combustion chamber: I. Cold flow topology & dynamics," Combustion & Flame, Marianne Cuif Sjöstrand, Yves D'Angelo.

- "DNS analysis of a cubic meso-scale combustion chamber: II. Reactive flow simulations," Combustion & Flame, Marianne Cuif Sjöstrand, Yves D'Angelo, N. Swaminathan.

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