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Nommie Kashani

Best Innovators

Nommie Kashani - Exploration Production - Total

Nommie Kashani, expert for Geosciences at Total E&P USA

Nommie is an expert in database and application development for Total E&P USA Geosciences department. He started his career at Total E&P Iran in 2001 where he developed many of the affiliate’s first database applications mainly for finance and operations department.

He then continued his career with Total in the African continent, 4 years at Total E&P Nigeria and 4 years at Total E&P Congo where he developed many web and desktop applications to contribute to the digital transformation of the company. In 2014, Nommie joined Total E&P USA as database & application expert for Geosciences with the objective to centralize and automate data collection of thousands of unconventional wells. In the age of big data and facing this exponentially increasing volumes of information, Nommie started to get interested in Machine learning by obtaining several certificates in the field. His skills brought him to participate in the worldwide data science competition organized by Total with more than 250 employees participating from all around the world.

Nommie was able to finish 1st at the qualification round which lasted three months and also win the 1st place at finale which was a two-hour live event to get ranked as Total number one data scientist at the competition.

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  • Design and development of Total E&P USA data warehouse and reporting system  with data marts from Revenue & Cost accounting to Land and Production data, joining valuable information to save the company millions of dollars in revenues.
  • Participating in the Smart Predictive Analytics Project (1st place winner at E&P innovation prize in 2017) by designing & development of the underlying database system (Production data warehouse).



  • Paper published by SPE Data-Driven Analytics (PD2A), Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), and University of Houston (UH) at the workshop organized on Data-Driven Analytics Applications: From Methodology to Technology workshop: "Unconventional Predictive Workflow: Opportunities In Optimization", Pierre-Yves Aquilanti,  Antoine Bertoncello, Nommie Kashani, Rob Merrit, 2016
  • Paper published by SPE for Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition : "Optimum Production Metrics to Predict Unconventional Well's Long-term Performance", Edward Ifejika, Bertrand De Cumont,  Nommie Kashani, 2017

Best Innovators

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