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Pascal Collet


Pascal Collet - Exploration Production - Total

Pascal Collet - Civil Engineer

Pascal graduated from Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete High School (CHEBAP – Paris) and Master in Civil and Coastal Works. He worked for Bureau Vertias for 10 years and is presently Civil Engineer in Total E&P Paris (Technologies Department) regarding concrete structures and coastal facilities.

After 5 years to manage Monaco harbour project for Bureau Veritas, the biggest concrete floating dike (352x48x16m, 129 000tons), he was in charge of NKP concrete hull integrity for TEP Congo for 10 years. In parallel, he has to support engineering about coastal structures (Gabon, Angola), Oil&Gas plants (Congo, Australia), Arctic structures (Canada, Russia) and LNG prospect developments.

In this context, he has been in charge of marine and civil engineering for GBS LNG Projects phase 1 and 2.

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