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Patrick Oghittu

Drilling & Wells


Patrick Oghittu - Petroleum Architect

After graduating in engineering from Supaero, Patrick Oghittu got his first job in the US in the aircraft industry. He then joined Total in 2007 as a Junior Drilling Engineer. He completed various overseas placements up to 2017. During this period, he was notably named Head of Drilling Engineering (Gabon) and then Drilling and Wells Manager (Brunei). In Brunei, he supervised the preparation and realization of a new HP/HT drilling development campaign, representing a budget of 750M$.

Named Petroleum Architect in January 2018, he now manages development studies for Deep Water product line, coordinating multidisciplinary teams of engineers, contractors and experts. He also leads the Frontier Technology Roadmap for the Group, to address readiness and economy of upcoming developments in environments deeper than 3000 meters.

Drilling & Wells

Drilling in an HP/HT Environment in Brunei