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Philippe Cordelier


Philippe Cordelier - Head of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) department 

Philippe holds an engineer degree from Alès School of Mines, and a PhD degree in Geomechanics from the Paris School of Mines. He started his career in mining engineering, and tunnel boring/civil engineering/drilling.

He has been with Total for more than 25 years, with different positions mostly in Geosciences (abroad and at headquarters), and in R&D. From end 2011 to 2014, he led the EOR R&D Project, conducted some challenging EOR pilots, and feasibility studies for some others, before being assigned R&D Pilots Planning Manager for one year. He contributed to the Dalia polymer EOR project execution and analyses, a world first in deep offshore. He then conducted a full scale polymer transport & flow assurance pilot. He studied then supervised the 1st offshore Surfactant-Polymer one-spot pilot in a carbonate reservoir in the Emirates. He kicked off and studied a polymer tertiary water treatment pilot. He also promoted the concept of compact, mobile and modular EOR skids.

Then, he managed the Platform for Innovative Technologies in Geosciences, in charge of developing suitable tools, methodologies, technologies from 4D seismic interpretation, modeling, reservoir simulation, petrophysics, fluids, EOR, to field data monitoring.

Since early 2017, he heads the EOR department at Total. His research interests include Petrophysics, Geosciences, IOR & EOR (subsurface and surface matters). He has authored or coauthored 30 technical papers, and holds a couple of patents. He is a member of SPE, and serves in a couple of conferences as a program committee member. He is president of the Innovation club in EOR within the French Avenia competencies structure.

View Philippe's profile on LinkedIn.


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