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Philippe Glénat

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Philippe Glénat - Exploration Production - Total

Philippe Glénat, Hydrates Specialist / Physical chemistry of effluents

After graduating from the INSA of Villleurbanne, earning a PhD at the University of Lyon and conducting post-doctoral research in Australia, Philippe joined Total in 1991 as Manager of the Production Chemistry Laboratory. He continued as a process engineer in the field of water and oil treatment, and in that context carried out a large number of operational assignments in the different Group affiliates.

In 2000, he joined Field Operations in Iran, as Methods Manager for South Pars 2 & 3, then became a member of the CSTJF Fluid Treatment department, where he has been specializing in gas hydrates since 2006.



Philippe contributed to the design and implementation of innovative processes in hydrate management for Total Exploration & Production:

In LDHI additives:

  • Testing of the first LDHI additives in 1999/2000 on the Canadon Alfa fields in Argentina
  • First application of KHI-LDHI injections on the South Pars field phases 2 & 3 in Iran in 2002 (as an alternative solution) and on the Dolphin field in Qatar in 2006 (base case)
  • First application of AA-LDHI injections in batch mode on the Pazflor/Oligocene fields in 2013
  • First application of AA-LDHI as a base case on the dry-trees of Moho Nord/Albien in Congo (2017)
  • First application case of continuous AA-LDHI injection retained as a base case in a Project, on the Absheron fields in Azerbaijan, in 2016

or in the use of natural crude properties

  • To reduce production shortfalls on our FPSOs since 2013 (Angola, Nigeria, Congo, Italy, etc.)
  • To reduce the quantities of injected methanol



Philippe is the author or co-author of close to fifty publications covering a wide range of topics in the Physical Chemistry of Flow Assurance:

  • Gas hydrates
  • Drag reducers
  • Heavy oil separation
  • Chemical processes for preventing water influx
  • The microflora of oil reservoir waters

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