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Philippe Reffinato

Deep Offshore

Philippe Reffinato - Field Operations Manager (North Oil Company)

Philippe, a chemical engineer, is graduated from the École des hautes études industrielles (HEI). In October 1990, he joined Total Group, where he held the position of Process Engineer, initially at headquarters and later at subsidiaries. Then he held operational posts in offshore at the Bongkot site in Thailand.

Between 2000 and 2003, his return to headquarters in Exploration Production HSE management allowed him to be involved in Opersafe audits as well as in the development and initial deployments of the Exploration Production HSE management system (Maestro).

Later, he took on several overseas posts, heading up offshore and deep-offshore production sites. In particular, he was the director of the Yemen LNG liquefaction plant between 2010 and 2013.

From October 2013, Philippe has been in charge of the Support and Assistance to Sites Department at headquarters in Paris, where he provides practical support to subsidiaries in the implementation of a new, more efficient and less costly operating model. 

He is now Field Operations Manager (North Oil Company).

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  • Director of offshore production site in Nkossa, Congo.
  • Director of deep-offshore production site in Angola at the Girassol site – during simultaneous production and construction operations for the ROSA project – and at the Dalia site during the finalization of the project and the launch of production until targeted production level was reached.
  • Director of the Yemen LNG plant, where his main role was to ensure both the proper functioning of the brand-new plant and the liquefied gas exports in a sensitive local and political context.