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Pierre-Louis Pichon

Best Innovators



Pierre-Louis Pichon, Geosciences manager for the Kaombo/Block 32 Project at Total E&P Angola


Having earned his engineering degree from the École nationale supérieure de géologie in Nancy in 1989 and a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Industrial Systems Engineering, Pierre-Louis Pichon started his career at Total in 1991.


He has amassed a wealth of technical and international experience – working as a Geosciences manager in Venezuela (1996) and an Exploration manager in Gabon (2001), then joining the Reservoir Geosciences team in 2007, and finally becoming Geosciences manager for the Kaombo/Block 32 project in Pau (2013), and later in Luanda.



  • Pierre-Louis Pichon was recognized for his work on predicting lithologies through seismic 3D (Total Innovation and Communication Award) and for successful exploration conducted in a challenging imaging environment (Total Boldness Award).
  • In 2016 he won an award for his work on the Kaombo project (Best Innovators Prize), which represents a new geoscientific challenge – a complex sedimentary context (turbidites) impacted by significant structural deformation (some fields were even under salt domes) and optimized production at the lowest cost.



  • As member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE), he served as chair of the SEG-O&G-Reserves committee from 2012 to 2014.



  • Pierre-Louis Pichon has authored or co-authored around a dozen papers in the fields of geophysics and reserves. He has also presented talks at conferences and led workshops.

Best Innovators

Innovation and Cost Control on Salt