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Pierre Pedenaud

Deep Offshore, Best Innovators


Pierre Pedenaud, Water treatment specialist - Operations division, Production department, fluid management service


Pierre Pedenaud is a graduate of EMSE (École des mines de Saint-Étienne—Mining School of Saint-Étienne). He joined Total in 1992 and has held various positions including process engineer, offshore methods engineer in Angola assisting operations, and operations’ coordinator in Nigeria before following a specialist career in the field of water treatment. He assists subsidiaries, development projects and process studies in matters such as treatment of produced water, waters for injection and utility waters.




  • Pierre Pedenaud is also head of the R&D water treatment section for the PIT (technological innovation platform) Operation where new water treatment solutions are evaluated and tested and can quickly go into operation (laboratory tests and pilot schemes) due to its level of sophistication.
  • He also assists with R&D projects where “water” is the specific subject, as in the case of SPRINGS©, in the R&D Offshore programme.


BIOMEM: a Compact Biological Process to Treat Produced Water

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