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Pierre-Yves Aquilanti

Best Innovators



Pierre-Yves Aquilanti, computer scientist focusing on R&D for HPDA


Pierre-Yves Aquilanti is a computer scientist holding a doctorate degree from the University of Sciences of Lille. Over the course of his studies and professional years, Pierre-Yves has developed a strong interest for data analysis at large scale, which led him to work for A*Star Computational Resource Centre in Singapore as a senior software analyst.


Pierre-Yves joined Total in 2008 as a junior researcher for TOTAL E&P in France. He then joined Total E&P Research and Technologies USA in 2013 as a High Performance Computing (HPC) software specialist to develop and optimize seismic software for supercomputers. He is now focusing on R&D for High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA).


Recent projects


  • Smart Predictive Analytics: contributed to the algorithms design of SPA and their optimization for HPDA systems. SPA is a predictive analytics tool used to forecast future productions and wells placement for unconventional assets. It has won the first prize of the E&P Best Innovators in 2017.
  • Carbon: lead and architect of the Carbon collaboration and knowledge capitalization platform. It is used by several hundreds of employees and contractors worldwide across the organization for R&D and scientific software developments.

Publications & Communications


  • Pierre-Yves is the author and co-author of several publications and communications in the fields of High Performance Computing and High Performance Data Analytics.


Best Innovators

SPA: Improve Production Forecasting for our Wells